Wednesday, January 31st

7:20 PM

LEVEL Racing Race Series


Race Description

Welcome to the LEVEL Racing Race Series. This series will take on a number of rolling and hilly circuits throughout Zwift.

To provide a competitive racing environment, all Pens (A-E) will be open and grouped by vELO categories. Please join the Pen based on your current vELO Rating.

A: Diamond & Ruby 1900+ B: Emerald & Sapphire 1450-1900 C: Amethyst & Platinum 1150-1450 D: Gold & Silver 850-1150 E: Copper & Bronze 0-850

Results will be available from and the website.

Race Rules & Settings:

All riders visible No Power Ups No TT Bikes

Organized By: Rob Halsall

LEVEL Racing Race Series

18.5 km

264 m