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Monday, September 4, 2023

90-Day Rolling vELO

Tonight I have deployed changes to replace the season-based vELO rating history with a rolling 90-day window. This means that your vELO rating and finish/wins/podiums count will not reset at the start of each season. The reasons behind this are:

  • Aligns with power data - A rider's power profile information has always been 90-day bests.
  • No resets to zero - A 90-day rolling count gives the same result without needing to start at zero when a new indoor season begins.

The next step is to update riders with expired events (91+ days old) on a nightly-basis. Until that is done, you may seem some minor discrepancy in finish/win/podium counts. I still believe in concept of seasons on the Zwift racing calendar and the fun and excitement it can bring but am going to take a slightly different approach to the implementation.

Saturday, August 26, 2023


First off, my apologies that development here at ZR slowed over the past month. We moved house a couple weeks ago and that process consumed a lot more of my free time than I imagined.

With that out of the way, I am proud to announce that the first round of achievements (75 in total) are now live and I have back-dated the start of them to August 1st. That means that you have been earning achievements for the past few weeks and didn't even know it. Head over to your rider profile and you'll see a new tab where you can see which you've earned and which you'll need to make a plan for.

The goal is to add new achievements frequently. I have 60+ ideas already for further achievements that will continue to game-ify the racing experience on Zwift. If you have any ideas, join the Discord and let us know about them.

I do plan to add a rankings table for achievements so that we can all compare ourselves to the other riders in our category. I hope to have that out in the coming days. Until then, good luck out there!

Race On!

Saturday, July 15, 2023

vELO 3.1 is Here!

Here are the major updates:

  • An event-specific rating is now calculated for results. It is your route modifier adjusted vELO rating and is what is used in the vELO algorithm to determine your rating change.
  • All riders' event-specific ratings are used in the vELO calculation. In v3.0 only your own route modifier adjusted rating was used.
  • Your rating change is now 0 if you finish in the expected position (adjusted for route modifier). This removes the minor changes received from the probability-based calculation previously

The goal of these changes are to further increase the accuracy of your vELO rating for the purposes of event categorization. As always, if you have any thoughts/feedback I would love to hear about them! I can be reached easily on our Discord server or via email at

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Summer Priorities

Hello Zwifters! Below are what I am focusing my attention on for the rest of the summer ahead of a busy indoor 2023/2024 season. If you have any questions or feedback on these items, please join us on Discord!

Series Support

It’s been a while since the race organizer functionality has been iterated or improved. I want to make it as easy as possible for organizers to put on events using vELO categorization. Giving the ability to define a series and display series leaderboards for events using the ZR platform is a good step forward.


A major part of my mission with ZR is to make racing more rewarding and incentivize you to push out of your comfort zone. Giving riders a bunch of race-oriented achievements to chase is a logical addition to that. These will purely be for fun and not contribute to your vELO or Points rankings.

Route Reference

Add a table of all Zwift routes on the reference menu with some interesting data about them from a racing context.

System Improvements

  • Faster pickup of race results
  • Automatically re-process riders with expired power data
  • King of Zwift / Queen of Zwift

Upcoming Races

The races below are using the ZwiftRacing platform for categorization. Click to see details about how to sign up!

Friday, October 6

6:00 AM UTC


Pen Distribution: Automatic by rating

Organized By: brad hochstetler

  • Scotland


  • The Muckle Yin


  • 50.28 km


  • 558 m


  • Scotland


  • The Muckle Yin (2 Laps)


  • 50.28 km


  • 558 m