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Sunday, December 17

1:40 PM UTC


Season 4 of the best fake stage racing Up North

  • Scotland
  • The Muckle Yin (2 Laps)
  • 50.28km
  • 558m


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Tuesday, January 4

12:00 AM UTC

Zwift Club Ladder

Want to be part of one of the most exciting new race formats on Zwift? (Don’t just take my word for it, those that have taken part so far have called it “Game changing”, “A blast” and “The most enjoyable races I have taken part in.” The league is a team based one operating in a ladder tournament format, each team can challenge others above them in the league to a race, which is then run in a 5 v 5 rider format with race points allocated based on finishing position, the team with the highest number of race points is the winner. The league is run in a leapfrog format, this format is commonly used in racquet sports. Teams are free to choose who to play by challenging teams up to 3 above them in the table. If they win they take the loser's position and everyone below moves down a position, hence they leapfrog up the table. The league is powered by Zwift Racing rankings of course. For more details and to sign up head to:

  • Watopia
  • Hilly Route
  • 9.6km
  • 100m


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